Martha Davis

Aaron makes the process of buying a car hassle free. You have the confidence that you are getting better than a good deal -- its a great deal. I needed a replacement car quickly. When the car I wanted wasn't easily popping up in the wholesale market we switched to finding a new one and within days made the purchase at a price that was consistent with what I would have had to pay for a lightly used car. The dealers don't mess with you when you are filling out the paperwork and Aaron is sitting at your side. He is your advocate -- not a broker for the dealers -- which is a level of integrity not often found. I recommend Aaron's service highly.


Cindy H. San Leandro, CA


 Aaron's Auto Brokerage came highly recommended, and because we wanted a hassle-free experience we requested his assistance in finding a specific car within our price range. Not only was Aaron professional, knowledgeable and patient, but he guided us through the entire process of finding and negotiating the purchase of our perfect car without the stress usually involved in such a transaction. Thank you Aaron!


Wine D. Concord, CA


 Two years ago I searched the internet to find the perfect car.  I found it in Monrovia and bought it through a corporate buying program with my company.  I'd been waiting for years for BMW to come out with a hybrid 5-series and there it was in all it's glory in my garage.  But alas, early adopter syndrome is a real thing.  It spent weeks at a time at the dealership with strange, never to be understood problems.  In December, in frustration, I called BMW to kind of throw down a gauntlet with them.  I asked if it qualified under the lemon law.  I didn't think it did yet and I just wanted corporate to step in and make the local dealership pay attention to my problem.  They bought the car back.  Holy crap!  I had 30 days to replace my dream car.  I knew Aaron from his volunteer work with the AIDS/Lifecycle.  I knew he was a good man.  I called and asked if he could help.  He told me to identify what I wanted, make, model, color and he'd go find it for me.  I drove everything that was close to a 5-series BMW and couldn't find anything that gave me the driving experience I wanted.  Finally my brother said "Did BMW do the right thing when something went wrong?"  Well, yeah they did.  Then go buy another one, it happens all the time.  I sent Aaron out looking for a 530e.  I really wanted to Mineral White again but there wasn't one to be found and in truth the color got a little popular since I bought the first one.  I wanted white or black and definitely not silver.  Aaron found a dark grey graphite, which is almost black with everything on it my other one had except heads up but it had the automatic trunk lid and touch entry.  The seats were way nicer.  I was able to take the exact same down payment BMW gave me back from the 2018 and Aaron negotiated the whole deal for me.  At the end of the day my payments ended up $45 a month less on the exact same car only a year newer.  It was worth it to not spend a day or negotiating over a car and ending up with a better deal than the company benefit.  I would highly recommend using Aaron unless spending hours with car salesman is your idea of fun.


Donald Brown

Aaron Lewis is a gift to anyone who hates to haggle with auto dealerships and the games they play with prospective buyers. Aaron will work with you to determine what your expectations are for you new or used auto and then find you the best deal possible. His fees are reasonable and he does all that he possibly can to make your car buying experience stress free.


Don V. Castro Valley, CA


 I have bought many cars over the years, both new and used. Working with Aaron was by far the best car buying experience I have ever had. I felt that I could trust him completely to look out for my Interests and get a great car for me. He exceeded my expectations. I would strongly recommend him to anyone. 
I was looking for a used 2018 Camry LE Hybrid in red or blue.  There are not many available in these colors. I started looking in May. Cars in different colors came up occasionally and in late October Aaron sent me a text to let me know that he had found a used 2018 blue Camry with less than 1,000 miles on it. It was an XLE, not an LE. Based on the details he sent to me about the car including many pictures, Carfax, and the estimated price I said go for it . I am very happy that we got the XLE. Aaron found a great car for me and my wife. We love it. 


Thomas H. San Leandro, CA



If you’re looking for a stress-free car buying experience, I suggest giving Aaron a call. We were originally looking for a Honda Pilot 1-2 years old, but the prices were almost as much as new. Aaron found us an amazing deal on a brand-new Honda Pilot, that almost seemed to good to be true. A true professional and a heck of a nice guy. My wife loves her new vehicle and Aaron made it happen. Thank you for everything Aaron. We will definitely be sending friends and family your way. 


Juanita S. San Francisco, CA


 My grandma and I were looking for a nice SUV because we are moving and we have to travel with 5 animals. We went to Aaron which I think was the best idea.  We have him all of the features we we are looking for and our price range and he found us the perfect car.  I will definitely go to him again and recommend him for those in the Bay Area. 


Michele D. Dublin, CA


 Aaron is incredible!  He recently helped us to purchase a vehicle. We tend to keep our cars until they are well-used, so hadn't purchased a car in quite a few years and had a lot to consider - new? used? type of car? our needs? budget? ...  He helped us through all of that to getting a car we're delighted with.  He is most responsive and knowledgeable.  We learned a great deal through working with him and saved money in the process.  He definitely knows how to do this and cares about his clients.  


Trevor A. Castro Valley, CA


 Aaron does a fantastic job with some of the best customer service in the industry! He is very personal and professional in the search for the vehicle of your dreams at your budget. I highly recommend everyone i know that’s looking for a car to call him! 


Ron M. Hercules, CA



It's taken a while to write this review because I've been too busy enjoying the 2018 Honda CR-V EX that Aaron found for me. I was originally looking for a pre-owned 2016 or 2017. After providing Aaron with my requirements, he focused on finding a car that met those requirements and did not inundate me with updates about cars that did not meet my specs. He did provide comprehensive updates on what he was seeing in terms of what was available; which was very helpful to me in setting my expectations and making an informed choice.

Ultimately, he found a 2018 model at Honda of San Jose at a price that was very close to my budget for a pre-owned car and had all of the safety and ease of use features that I was looking for; plus extras.

​We met for breakfast near Aaron's office and afterward, he drove me down to San Jose to look at the car. I already own a 2009 CR-V and was confident of the quality and features. So, it was down to color choice and fit. Aaron pointed out that online and brochure photos are not enough. You need to see how the color works in three dimensions. I was leaning toward grey or silver. However, I went with Gun Metal Metallic; which we both felt gives the car a more substantial look and feel. The car meant all of my expectations and more!  With Aaron's input, the purchasing process went smoothly. He made recommendations on financing, services, extras, etc., which were very helpful. The staff at the dealership were excellent, as well.  Aaron is very knowledgeable, highly professional, customer focused, honest and fun to work with.  I highly recommend utilizing his services and will do so again for my next car purchase.  Thanks, Aaron!!


Sylvia A. San Mateo, CA


 I would highly recommend Aaron's Auto Brokerage & Sales.  We met and discussed the car I wanted and my budget.  Aaron is very professional and kept me well-informed during his search for my pre-owned car.  The car he found for me is exactly what I wanted.  Even though the car was a year old, it looks brand new.  Aaron made the car buying experience easy and he took care of all the details and paperwork. 


Kim H. San Francisco, CA


 Working with Aaron was the most enjoyable time I've ever had buying a car. He encouraged me to test drive a lot of vehicles and when I settled on the one that best fit, he searched the country until we found the perfect 2017 Cadillac for my purposes as president of the Hayward Chamber of Commerce.  We bought it online, had it shipped here, and I am delighted with it. It helped that Aaron is one of the Hayward chamber's volunteer "ambassadors" and so I knew him as eager to serve his community, reliable with an attention to detail, and profoundly ethical.​ 


Mike T.  Castro Valley, CA


 My 25-year-old son wanted to purchase a new car and I told him to call Aaron who I met at the Castro Valley Chamber of Commerce mixer. 

He purchased a 2016 A4S Quattro that had 9,105 miles. They we're able to find the car in Los Angeles and purchase for 31,000.  

The car was delivered to Castro Valley and he loves the car. 


Yvonne B. Pleasant Hill, CA


 Wanted a newer pre-owned Lexus and had Aaron help in the process. Wow, he was so my guardian Angel! Took care of everything...had it totally detailed, mechanically checked out, new filters and wipers, etc. Aaron knows his business and what to look for. It gave me such peace of mind to have him on my side in this process. When I wanted extras for the car he got them for me at wholesale. Got a great car at a great price! Thank you Aaron!!! 


Jaki L.  San Francisco, CA


 As a first-time car buyer, I simply wasn't sure what to look for. I went to a traditional dealership and felt like another number. I also did my own research on craigslist, but those cars are no guarantee. Working with Aaron, I was able to get a great price and great re-assurance that my car would be in great shape. After working with Aaron, I just can't imagine buying a car any other way. Thanks for being there for me, Aaron! So very happy having worked with you. 


W Stuart M. Belmont, CA


 I wanted a diesel pickup truck and Aaron was recommended to me. Aaron was really great to work with and well worth the drive from Belmont to Castro Valley.  He found me one good deal, but it turned out to have an undisclosed problem. He immediately returned it to the dealer.  He then found me a fine low mileage Dodge Ram 2500 HD diesel, negotiated some minor repairs, and had it inspected by light diesel specialists.

Even tho I am a professional mechanic, I am retired and don't have the health anymore to be going around checking out vehicles. While I sat at home, Aaron kept me posted on everything and did all the work for me at a very reasonable price. The truck is just what I wanted and I am enjoying the truck very much. When I need another car, I will have Aaron find it for me and let him take care of all the hassles.

Thanks very much, Aaron 


Kaitlin C. Berkeley, CA


 This is my first Yelp review and I'm happy for it be on Aaron. This was my first time buying a car in my life and with Aaron's help the process was super smooth and successful. I had no idea what I was doing, I don't know the first thing about cars and Aaron was so helpful and kind in guiding me to the perfect car. He goes over and beyond to do everything for you, including all the nightmare paperwork! I would recommend him to everyone who needs help buying a car. Thank you Aaron! 


Brian H. Castro Valley, CA


Aaron made buying a car fun again! There was none of the dealer hassles, sleazy salesmen or 'let me check with my manager'.  Aaron is professional and a pleasure to work with. He found exactly he car I was after, had it mechanically vetted, handled the maintenance issues and got new tires for it. Everything was communicated at every step. This transaction could not have gone better! 

The best part? I ended up spending less than I would have at a dealership!

Top marks all the way around! .


Cathy G.  Castro Valley, CA


 I don't usually write reviews, but I wanted to share my great experience with Aaron's Auto Brokerage and Sales. I was dreading searching for a good used car on my own. I heard about Aaron's and called. Aaron Lewis is friendly and professional. He walked me through the whole process. I told him the car I wanted, he found one at auction and sent me the pics and info. When I agreed, he made a bid. When he got the car, he had it checked out by a mechanic and detailed so it looks brand-new. He took care of all the DMV paperwork. I was very impressed by Aaron's attention to large and small details, including new tires, ordering an owner's manual, and having a second key programmed for me. 
This was the best car-buying experience I've ever had. If you're like me, dreading the stress of buying a used car on your own, try Aaron's Auto Brokerage & Sales!


Michael L. Carmichael, CA


 Aaron's Auto  Brokerage and Sales was a great experience for me.  I first met with Aaron and talked with him on the makes and models of cars I was interested in. We discussed gas economy, maintenance on cars, and the importance of warranties.  Aaron then went to work.   Aaron was able to get me a car (Hyundai Accent)  with low mileage at a great price.  The paperwork was simple, quick and with little to no time.  I was able to present this brand new looking super detailed vehicle to my child for their graduation present.  Did I mention the car still has a warranty? Awesome!!! Great gas mileage? Awesome!! I strongly recommend Aaron to all my friends.

Thank you for your assistance.